Tenia Voudouri - Doctor of University of Athens

Tenia Voudouri

Dr. T. Voudouri studied at the Medical School of the University of Athens.

From the September of 1984 to January 1989 she specialized in ophthalmology at the Ophthalmology Clinic of the University of Athens

After obtaining the degree of specialty, she remained a research associate of the University's Ophthalmology Clinic and worked in the Retina department of the University's Ophthalmology Clinic until April 1993.

During this period, the doctoral dissertation of Dr.Voudouri was prepared with the title "Study of the central optical fields with automated perimeter after application of retinal photocoagulation in diabetic patients, June 1992, Grade 'Excellent. From the beginning of her appointment in the ophthalmology department, she is active and organizes the ophthalmological surgery in the Asclepieion of Voula.

In 1990 she established phacoemulsification and circulated the cases in one day, and as a result the ophthalmological cases of the clinic exceeded 1000 in 1995. The traumatic injurycases of the Hospital, gave her the impetus to attend special eyelid and orbit rehabilitation seminars at the University Clinic of Germany, for the immediate and better treatment of patients.

Her collaboration with the Rheumatology Clinic of the Hospital gives her the stimulus to deal with ocular inflammations and to watch Professor C.S. FOSTER Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary. In phacoemulsification she had attended and trained pioneer Ophthalmologists (R. MALONEY, R. OSHER, E. SEWARD, B. PHILLIPSON). In 1994 at the Croydon Eye Unit - London and in 1996 at St. Erik's Hospital Karolinska Institute - Stockholm. At the same time she deals with refractive surgery where she attented and was trained by D. AZAR at the Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary. During the academic years 1996-1999, with her secondment to the University Ophthalmology Clinic, she taught the method of phacoemulsification and participated in joint surgical programs. In 1999 she was trained at the Bascom Palmer eye Institute - Miami by Professor S. TSENG in the placement and use of amniotic membrane.

In 2007 Dr.Voudouri pursed post-graduate studies in departmental keratoplasties (DSAEK, LAMEMMAR KERATOPLASTIES), taught by Professor M. Busin.

Since 2001, Dr. T. Voudouri began to work in the private sector and collaborated with the group of the Athens Medical Center. Furthermore, She operated surgically at the Medical Center of the Psychiko Clinic. All surgeries were performed with completely modern methods. Including, Phacocytosis from very small incisions (MICS), cold phaco (Cold phacocytosis), intraocular folding lenses, adaptive, multifocal, and very small incision. Correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia with laser and phakic intraocular lenses. Glaucoma surgeries with deep sclerectomy and valves as well as corneal transplants.

Member of Institutions

Dr.Voudouri is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), the American and European Society of Refractive Surgery and Cataract (ASCRS, ESCRS), the American Society for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) and the Hellenic Society of Ophthalmology.

Scientific conferences and international journals

Her participation in scientific conferences is rich, she has presented several papers in international conferences and several of her articles have been published in international ophthalmological journals.

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